Overview - eXadox MSO

eXadox MSO (for Microsoft Office) is a simple and affordable collaborative file naming plug-in for the MS Office suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). It can be deployed quickly to enable all MS Office users to standardize on an agreed-upon structured file naming convention when naming files within an MS Office application. Logical precise file naming can serve as a strategic backbone for a more cohesive and efficient approach to managing and sharing documents.

The eXadox intuitive interface and multi-profile feature lets you easily employ structured file naming rules on a company-wide, departmental or workgroup basis in a seamless manner from within the MS Office applications. Each profile can be setup with its unique file naming format and pre-designated destination path where files can be stored and shared with other team members. The file naming format is segmented as per your standards. Each segment can be auto-populated by simply clicking on entries in your company managed smart lists. The lists may be for supplier names, client names, project names, document types etc…. The smart list data may be imported from your business or CRM systems.

A prerequisite to deploying eXadox MSO is to have a well planned storage and file naming convention/policy. eXadox WIZ is a very convenient tool that can be used to build a file naming and storage policy for corporate documents. This software wizard provides step-by-step guidance and takes advantage of ready-made templates that can be mixed and matched to create unique file naming and storage policies to satisfy specific needs. Creating a file naming convention requires collaboration with other stakeholders. The wizard tool can help because filing policy templates can be easily shared. Once the file naming and storage policy has been documented it is simple matter of transposing the details into an eXadox MSO filing policy profile. eXadox MSO takes over the responsibility of ensuring that the file naming and storage policy is being followed when saving files/documents within Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

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The eXadox MSO interface was designed to be simple and direct when naming and storing files. All the eXadox file naming and saving functions are initiated by the Save with eXadox command in the file Menu. The eXadox MSO interface is very easy to learn, and very efficient to use. There is no need for a viewer in eXadox MSO because the current document is the file that must be named and saved. eXadox MSO - Open function is initiated by the the Open with eXadox command in the file menu. The eXadox MSO- Open interface has a viewer to help view in great detail any document selected following a search.There are two Search interfaces: the quick-search mode for general purpose searching; and the advanced-search mode. The advanced-search mode is intended when speed and precision is an absolute necessity. The following screen-shots illustrate the eXadox MSO - Save as and eXadox MSO - Open interface: