eXadox WIZ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any filing plan Profile templates that come with eXadox WIZ ? ( top )

eXadox WIZ comes with a few Profile plan templates for various industries or business activities. These could be used as a base to enable the creation of your own unique plan (s). The quantity and variety of sample templates will increase with time especially if users wish to share their Profile plans with the user community.

Is there any limitation on the quantity and complexity of filing policy Profiles ? ( top )

There are no practical limits to quantiy and complexity in the planning of filing policy Profiles with reference to the planning fo folder and file naming and storage policies. There are also provisions and no practical limitations for the defining of metadata elements associated with a policy.

What should I do after my filing policy plan is complete ? ( top )

A document filing policy plan is useless unless it is approved by upper management and is actually implemented. Once approved, to implement the plan among staff or colleagues you must as a minimum share the eXadox filing policy plan report with them. Have an information session explaining the importance and benefits for adherenig to the policy. Provide policy adherence training especially with refernce to folder and file naming. To automate some of the adherence and monitoring activities look into document management solutions such as eXadox DT that semi-automate and enforce folder and file naming as per your policy.

How do I share a document filing policies created with eXadox WIZ ? ( top )

eXadox WIZ provides three mechanism to share filing policies with colleagues. The most basic method is to provide access to the HTML report-file generated by eXadox WIZ. The HTML report-file is viewable with any browser and therefore may be viewed by others by saving it in a folder or drive that is accessible by colleagues; it can also be attached to an email; or can be posted on a website. The second option is to print the report from within eXadox WIZ or from a browser. The third option is to export the Profile plan so that may it be imported into eXadox WIZ if the other colleagues are also running eXadox WIZ.

How can users submit their policy plan templates for inclusion within eXadox WIZ ? ( top )

Just attach your exported filing policy Profile and email (see contact page) it to our exadox support staff with instructions to include it in future releases of eXadox WIZ. The submitted Profile will be evaluated and included if it can be useful to the user community. Provisions will also eventually be made to directly enable the posting and the downloading of filing policy Profiles to and from an eXadox community website.

Can I consult with eXadox support staff for assistance ? ( top )

Yes, we are here to help. You may email (eXadox Contact page) us with your general questions. This service is free; however, if you want eXadox staff to get directly involved in the planning and implementation of your project we can provide it as billable service on the hourly or fixed-cost basis.