eXadox Services

Services to jumpstart your productivity!

Most businesses are aware of the productivity gains that can be realized through paperless office practices. Going paperless implies having to deal with more scanned images and electronic documents. eXadox will certainly help do the job for you. To achieve your paperless office goals take advantage of our service offerings that would enable you to benefit from eXadox technology more readily and effectively.

Services Description Details
Project Preparation Study, analysis, execution plan Info gathering, needs analysis and execution plan. 1 hour minimum.
Installation Software installation eXadox software install and configuration for one station
eXadox is personalized to satisfy your needs Creation of eXadox smart lists and field property setup for up to 3 Profiles
Advanced version only Standard personalization plus custom field labels and tool tips for up to 3 Profiles
Training Level 1 On-line basic training Training on electronic filing concepts and operations
Training Level 1 & 2 On-line basic and advanced combo training Includes advanced instructions on personalization and customization
Telephone Support
12 month telephone support
(for trained users only)
Support on eXadox. 10 calls max.
Telephone Support
Telephone support call by incident Support on eXadox. Single incident only.
60 days support for Basic version users Email technical support on eXadox
12 month email support for users of
Standard or Advanced version
Maintenance 12 month software maintenance 12 month updates and bug fixes