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All eXadox applications are developed using eXadox RAD (Rapid Application Development) technology conceived and engineered by MultiCIM Technologies Inc. In general we use eXadox RAD because it has pre-built functions specifically designed to develop user interfaces that can provide flexibility and control to the user. The concept is to empower the users to personalize the interface themselves without having to involve technical staff. The eXadox interfaces are flexible but they also induce structure and discipline while minimizing the amount of keyboard input and error. All of this is made possible through the use of item lists that represent legitimate inputs that are managed by the user. The items in the lists are what are used to populate input fields through a click of the mouse. These lists are generally created by importing information from business or CRM systems.

Products such as eXadox DT that are built using the eXadox RAD framework are extensible and can easily be modified to satisfy unique requirements for specialized integration projects. It is therefore possible for our technical staff to create highly customized solutions by employing this technology.