eXadox WIZ - Overview

An electronic document filling policy is essential regardless of whether the organization is managing its electronic information assets manually or via a document management tool such as eXadox DT. eXadox WIZ is an electronic document policy planning wizard used to quickly build and document filing policy plans and folder/file naming conventions for multiple operational entities (e.g.: workgroup, department, business unit, etc…). It comes with a variety of sample templates for various industries and applications that can be easily personalized to satisfy individual requirements.

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For information on why and how to build filing policy plans using eXadox WIZ request a free copy of the White Paper: Electronic Document Filing Policy or "Less-paper" Office.

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The eXadox Wizard guides you through 5 simple steps to help you build your unique document filing and storage policy. eXadox WIZ filing policy planning consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. Profiles Profile Management – lets you create, copy, or edit a filing policy profile
  2. Elements Element Definition – lets you create or edit folder, filename, and metadata elements
  3. Lists List Definition – lets you add, remove, or edit list entries; and change column names
  4. Organize Element Organization – lets you reorder folder, filename, and metadata elements
  5. Report Generate Report – lets you view customize, print, or save a filing policy report.

The following screenshots illustrate the 5 steps.