eXadox News

08/20/2009 - MultiCIM Launches eXadox™ MSO—World’s first Semi-Automated File Naming Tool to Help Manage Documents within Microsoft Office™

MONTREAL—August 20, 2009—MultiCIM Technologies Inc. today launched eXadox™ MSO, the world`s first software add-in for the Microsoft ™Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that semi-automatically names MS Office documents so that they can be found faster and more precisely by everyone. It is simple to use and very affordable. eXadox MSO works within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint as a plug-in so these programs will continue to operate as usual except that the special eXadox features have now been added-in. Read more >>

08/10/2009 - MultiCIM Releases eXadox ™ DT V3.0 — an Innovative Semi-Automated Structured File Naming and Storage Solution for Managing Electronic Documents and Images

MONTREAL—August 10, 2009—MultiCIM Technologies Inc. has officially announced today the release of eXadox™ DT version 3.0, an innovative and affordable solution for managing business documents and images. eXadox DT semi-automatically names files so that they can be found faster and more precisely by everyone. An advanced search feature has been added to help quickly and more precisely locate files. A dynamic viewer has also been added to more efficiently view and properly identify images and Microsoft Office™ (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) documents without the need to open them fully. The current version is more flexible and adaptable for a wider range of enterprises. Read more >>