Overview - eXadox DT

eXadox DT is a simple to use and very affordable document storage and retrieval software designed for professional environments for all types of business. Multi-profile feature facilitates document management for multiple companies or departments from the same workstation or as a shared activity over multiple workstations.

eXadox provides an intuitive interface that will enable an organization to adhere to a standardized and structured method of naming files. eXadox enables you to take advantage of your standardized departmental or company-wide file naming policy convention, thereby making it easier to manage and share your files. The file naming is segmented as per your standards where each segment can be populated by simply clicking on entries in your company managed smart lists. The lists may be for supplier names, client names, project names, document types, etc. The smart lists can be created by importing data from your business or CRM systems.

A prerequisite to deploying eXadox DT is to have a well planned storage and file naming convention/policy. eXadox WIZ is a very convenient tool that can be used to build a file naming and storage policy for corporate documents. This software wizard provides step-by-step guidance and takes advantage of ready-made templates that can be mixed and matched to create unique file naming and storage policies to satisfy specific needs. Creating a file naming convention requires collaboration with other stakeholders. The wizard tool can help because filing policy templates can be easily shared. Once the file naming and storage policy has been documented it is a simple matter of transposing the details into an eXadox DT filing policy profile. exadox DT takes over the responsibility of ensuring that the file naming and storage policy is being followed when saving files/documents.

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The eXadox DT interface was designed to be simple and direct when naming and storing files. All file naming and saving functions are done from the same interface. It is therefore very easy to learn, and very efficient to use especially in very document-intensive environments. Both eXadox DT and eXadox Search have viewers to help view in great detail the selected document.There are two eXadox Search interfaces: the quick-search mode for general purpose searching; and the advanced-search mode. The advanced-search mode is intended when speed and precision is an absolute necessity. The following screen-shots illustrate the eXadox DT and eXadox Search interface: